Jeetwin Responsible Gambling

Even though at Jeetwin we do our best to offer only first-class casino products and support all clients, some players can become addicted to gambling. Casino games are supposed to bring joy and entertainment, but compulsive playing can negatively affect your life. Therefore, be sure to bet responsibly and use our tips to avoid becoming addicted to gambling.

Our Customer Support staff is always happy to assist you, just get in touch with them to receive help.

Responsible Gambling at Jeetwin

Tips For Responsible Gambling

Casino games must be just a hobby and a source of entertainment. Take a look a these tips to learn how to play responsibly:

  • Don’t make gambling your main source of income;
  • Bet “entertainment funds” that you can lose without consequences;
  • Set strict stake, time, and loss limits;
  • Do not place wagers when you are in a bad mood or under the influence of alcohol;
  • Don’t spend too much time placing bets.

Responsible Gaming Tips

Compulsive Gambling Warning Symptoms

There is a list of potential casino addiction symptoms:

  • All your thoughts are about games;
  • You talk about online gambling all the time;
  • You are borrowing money to continue placing bets;
  • Your hobby causes relationship issues and problems at work;
  • Your bets are compulsive, it is difficult to control them;
  • You lie to avoid talking about your gambling problem;
  • You miss work and important meetings to play;
  • Casino games are the only thing that doesn’t irritate you.

Compulsive Gambling Symptoms

Getting Assistance

If you feel like online gambling is no longer just a fun hobby and understand that it becomes a compulsive habit, please instantly get in touch with professionals. There are several trustworthy resources that offer help and free consultations to people with gambling addiction symptoms:

How to get an assistance in case of gambling obsession

Stopping Under Age Gambling

Since Jeetwin operates in accordance with Indian laws, players need to be at least 18 years old to join our casino. Our mandatory verification procedure helps confirm every user’s age, so minors can’t trick our website. Finding an underage client, we can ban his profile, forfeiting his winnings.

Underage Gambling Prevention

Parental Control

If your children have access to your phone, tablet, or desktop computer, you should use parental control services to make sure that they can’t visit gambling sites:

There are several simple steps that can help protect your underage children:

  • Use parental control settings to block casino sites;
  • Do not give your banking information to minors;
  • Do not allow online casinos to save your password;
  • Do not activate the Remember Me feature.

Parental Control